Software Infrastructure for electronic data exchange

In the storage tanks, a new rack design integrates electronic data exchange to all samples during storage and sample handling procedures. Via the software infrastructure, the information of each sample can be accessed (see Figure below). Each rack can perform functions such as compiling an inventory, checking positions of moved samples, running periodic tempera­ture scans and updating sample histories.

Screenshot of the visualization tool for the Smart Tank: It shows the inventory of a cold tank in a hierarchical way. Yellow dots show the positions occupied with electronic modules. In this example, the tank has one occupied electronic rack. This rack is connected to five wings with one of them occupied. Dark green represents modules selected by the user. Wing 2 in rack 1 has one occupied box position. Box 1 has three positions occupied with electronic cryovials. By selecting one of the vials (here A1) the information stored on the vials memory chip is shown to the user or read by the software system. Dots are marked red when positions have been modified.
Note that all free positions (white dots) in a large storage tank can also be easily retrieved.

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WHO-UNAIDS Guidelines

At the annual meeting of the GHRC consortium in December 2011 it was proposed that the new edition of the Guidelines should be a collaborative effort between WHO and the GHRC consortium. To ensure that the Guidelines include all aspects of HIV vaccine research, an advisory group of experts representing different fields met in a 3-day meeting at the premises of the FhG-IBMT in Sulzbach on 18-20 June 2012.