Freezing-Thawing System: Freezer Workbench and Access Tower

Freezer Workbench

A Freezer Workbench and an Access Tower System for the cryo­storage tanks complement the new cryobanking technology. They are the basis for improved quality handling, freezing and thawing of specimens.

Three functional units are integrated into the Freezer Workbench:

The first unit is the High Precision Freezer (HPF) for the development and application of accurate freezing temperature gradients of sensitive samples with highest accuracy.

The second unit is a High Throughput Freezer (HTF), which supports parallel sample processing. Depending on the modular extent of the freezer, one free system will always be available for instant sample processing during working hours.

The third unit consists of a work space for low temperature sample manipulation.

All units secure the cooling chain during sample processing. Ice formation on cold surfaces is avoided by the lock system.However, the main advantage of the workbench is that the sample handling process becomes independent of time constraints since the deep frozen vials can be handled safely over an unlimited time on the bottom of the freezer workbench at -160°C.

Considering aspects of quality assurance, such a workbench is of utmost importance for any biological or medical cryolaboratory.


Access Tower System

The Access Tower System allows the access to valuable cryosamples without coincidental warming of samples and avoids contamination and ice formation. An automated lift system provides easy access to all samples. A special function covers emergency sample evacuation.



In the storage tanks, a new rack design integrates electronic data exchange to all samples during storage and sample handling procedures. Via the software infrastructure, the information of each sample can be accessed. Each rack can perform functions such as compiling an inventory, checking positions of moved samples, running periodic tempera­ture scans and updating sample histories.

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At the annual meeting of the GHRC consortium in December 2011 it was proposed that the new edition of the Guidelines should be a collaborative effort between WHO and the GHRC consortium. To ensure that the Guidelines include all aspects of HIV vaccine research, an advisory group of experts representing different fields met in a 3-day meeting at the premises of the FhG-IBMT in Sulzbach on 18-20 June 2012.