• HIV Specimen Cryorepository – Central Service Facility
  • New cryo vials with integrated memory chip for best quality assurance
  • HIV Specimen Cryorepository – Central Service Facility
  • Implementing new Standard Operating Procedures for cryo preservation
  • HIV Specimen Cryorepository – Central Service Facility

Welcome to the HIV Specimen Cryorepository

The Global HIV Vaccine Research Cryorepository (GHRC) is an advanced HIV Specimen repository where samples obtained from specific Hiv cohorts like early responders or from tests of vaccine candidates are collected and shared in controlled low-temperature conditions for long-term preservation and for sharing among collaborating HIV research laboratories.

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The initiative

HSC includes nine distinguished institutions worldwide: the Fraunhofer IBMT in St.Ingbert, the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in London, the San Raffaele Scientific Institute (DIBIT) in Milano, the University of Lund, the University of Saarland, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

HSC Specimen Online Catalog

You are searching for specific specimen for researching and scientific purposes? Take a look at our Specimen Catalog.

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WHO-UNAIDS Guidelines

At the annual meeting of the GHRC consortium in December 2011 it was proposed that the new edition of the Guidelines should be a collaborative effort between WHO and the GHRC consortium. To ensure that the Guidelines include all aspects of HIV vaccine research, an advisory group of experts representing different fields met in a 3-day meeting at the premises of the FhG-IBMT in Sulzbach on 18-20 June 2012.